Artist Development Student

Zoë Macgill is a 12-year-old with a desire to share her love of music with the world. She has been singing since she was 2 years old, began piano lessons at 9, and started writing her own music at 10. Her love of singing began in preschool when she sang in her first church Christmas pageant, and it’s continued to grow ever since.  She pours her heart and soul into her music and always strives to inspire people through it, but most importantly to her, she’s felt called to spread God’s love in song.

Throughout the years Zoë has tried other activities and sports, but always kept coming back to music (and art) as her main passion.  In addition to writing music, Zoë loves writing short stories, books, and poems, and always finds a way to use a little piece of her own personal experiences in writing.  She also loves to express herself through watercolor painting, and using calligraphy to share God’s word. Some of her inspirations for music (and life) are Daisy Ridley, who has taught her to be strong and confident, and Taya Smith, who has taught her to be proud and faithful to Him through song.

Zoë released her very first single titled “I Am Invincible” and is currently working in the studio on more original music.

What Passion Academy means to me…

The moment I stepped into Passion, I fell in love. I knew I was home. The people here are so kind and loving and supportive of my devotion to music. Passion Academy means refuge. It means dreams coming true. It means accepting who I am. It means I always leave there with a smile on my face.

My journey with Passion is only just beginning, and I truly believe they’ve made my dreams come true!

About ‘I Am Invincible’…

I Am Invincible is a song about being independent and confident and strong. I have lived each and every one of the lyrics, so I really wrote this song with my heart. I’ve come across people who have made me feel weak and broken-down, but this song helps me rise back up. I hope everyone can be able to relate to this song in their very own unique way, and I can’t wait to share it!

About ‘Unreal’…

Unreal is a song about a fantasy love that could never happen, even if you believe it can. It’s about hopes and dreams about being with the perfect person: even if they don’t exist. It’s actually about my first real fantasy crush and I still like him today! The song gives a couple of clues on who it is, so be on the lookout! Thanks for listening! – Zoë


Purchase/Listen to Zoë’s new singles here:

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