NOTE: This program is no longer offered. We are excited to introduce our new worship leader training program The Art of Worship. To learn more about the program, click the image below.

Worship Leader Training 101

This 10-week program provides hands-on training essential to modern worship leaders. It develops one’s understanding of how to lead a band through skillful musicianship, lead the congregation into worship, and lead by example in integrity and character.

Each week, we will focus on the basic tools and practical strategies for the modern worship leader. After completing this course, students will have a better understanding and can identify the culture God places them in, basics for equipping and leading their team, and good planning and communication. This course also provides an introduction to the theological background of worship, primarily focusing on the person and work of Jesus Christ.

This course will be led by Tommy Moore who brings over 15 years experience in creative arts and worship leadership.


1. Intro

• What is worship?
• Why is worship important?
• How can I be a part?

2. Fundamentals of Modern Worship

Worship Bands
• Knowing your role
• Knowing your instrument
• Knowing your music
• Knowing your equipment

Worship Music
• Resource Review
• Evaluating a song for your church

3. Creating a Worship Experience

• Elements in a Worship Set
• Process for Creating a Set
• Tools

Worship Leader Training 201

Developing the next generation of worship leaders for the church

A 10-week intensive designed to immerse participants in the essential elements of effective worship leadership.

Effective, growing churches of our time nearly all have one thing in common – they embrace the arts and have vibrant, relevant expressions of worship!  Music is the language of the people, and artists who master it have the potential to change the course of their generation.  Sadly, there are countless aspiring musicians who have no one to show them the way.  The demand for effective worship leaders in the church today is way greater than the supply!  While instructional Youtube videos, blogs, and other digital resources abound, unfortunately real-life mentors who know how to pass along wisdom to the next generation of worshipers are in short supply.

Passion Academy’s worship leader training was formed out of this vacuum.  We are passionate about mentoring the next generation of worship leaders for the church!  Our lead mentor, Tyler Crowley, has been a full-time worship leader for 18 years, and has mentored dozens of worship leaders.  He currently is the Worship Arts Director at Hope Church in Richmond, VA.   Tyler’s vision is to immerse emerging worship leaders in an experiential and communal 10-week intensive that will equip and launch them into whatever expression of worship ministry to which God has called them.

The Passion Academy Worship Leader Training is a 10-week course consisting of weekly 3-hour group sessions and growth assignments.  The course will begin with an individual assessment in order to form a personalized growth strategy, and will conclude with a worship concert led by students and professionally recorded and filmed for your portfolio.  The training will be organized around Character, Content and Competencies; or, said another way – who you need to be, what you need to know, and what you need to be able to do in order to be an effective worship leader.  Each session will integrate all three elements.

What some others have shared about our lead mentor, Tyler Crowley:

“When done well, leading worship brings people to a life changing encounter with the King as they glorify Him. Tyler Crowley was one of the first leaders that took me to that place. Do you want to just play songs or lead people to life changing moments? I would encourage any worship leader looking for a fresh perspective to spend some time with Tyler.”

Bob Bevan, Worship Leader, Living Word Fellowship, Cleveland, TN

“I have had the privilege of studying under Tyler’s direction and will forever be grateful for the wisdom he imparted to me in leading worship and for the character he helped instill in me as a follow of Jesus Christ.”

Marty Reardon, Worship Pastor – Trinity Anglican Mission, Atlanta, GA

“Tyler is uniquely gifted; both an artist and a leader. It would be enough to learn from him because of his decades of experience and musical gifting. It would be enough if he was just a great leader and developer of people. But Tyler is not just one, he is both. He has the ability to hone talent and develop heart. He has passion for developing skills as well as developing character. He is highly intuitive—yet just practical enough to deliver ideas and provide coaching in a way that works, no matter your level of expertise.”

Nicole Unice, Author, Speaker and Leader, Richmond, VA

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