Do you lead with Passion? Do you love the Arts?
Are you passionate about helping develop the next generation of artists?
We would love to hear from you!

Every educational experience at Passion Academy is led with passion by instructors that we intentionally call mentors.

We take the responsibility of training and mentoring the next generation seriously.

Each mentor is trained and empowered to develop the student’s gifts and talents, but also to build trusted and reliable connections. We believe that if the students trust the environment and mentor, they will thrive and grow faster.

• Each mentor works in a fun-loving and engaging artistic environment.
• Each mentor has the opportunity to build long-term relationships with parents and students in their community.
• Each mentor has the honor of associating with some of the most talented artists in our community.
• Each mentor has the privilege of helping develop the next generation of artists.

At Passion Academy, we think a certain way, we believe in certain things, and we act and live according to those beliefs. Our culture is the backbone of everything we do, and everything we are. But culture isn’t static, nor is it just handed to us. You get to craft it, we get to craft it, change it, help it grow and the best part…we get to grow ourselves in the process. We all get to participate in making Passion Academy everything it is and everything it can be. Each of our mentors are endowed with the power, and the responsibility to contribute to the Passion culture. How? Through 10 ideas, 10 challenges, 10 opportunities that we call our Cultural Responsibilities.

To apply to be a mentor, please review our Cultural Responsibilities (4 pages) and complete the application below.

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