Worship Leadership Mentor

Randall Goulard is a pastor with a heart for other ministry leaders, especially worship leaders…or worship “pastors” as he calls them. He also happens to be a musician and a worship leader himself. Randall’s goal and passion is to see worship leaders thrive in their roles as ministry leaders, but also in their lives as worshipers who are called to pastor other worshipers into their identity as sons and daughters of the King.

Randall has been involved in worship for almost 20 years, as a pianist, a singer and a worship leader. He has had the opportunity to lead extensively in multiple settings (colleges, traditional church services, modern contemporary church services, blended services and on the road with youth ministry groups). He truly has a heart for seeing the full breadth and depth of what we call “worship” come alive in worship leaders, in individuals who call themselves followers of Christ, in the body of Christ (what we call “the church”), and in the lives of the local communities we call “churches”.

Growing up in the church, Randall always had questions about himself and his life with God. “Am I good enough?” “Do I have to perform well in my life in order to experience God?” “Can I be loved and accepted without performing up in front of people?” “Will I ever be able to live up to my own expectations?” “These are the questions I used to live in, the questions that led me into years of searching for my identity. Sadly I didn’t find it in the serving the church, or in serving the world.”

But as Jesus so often does, he used these very questions to lead Randall into his ministry journey, and more importantly into the arms of the Father, the only place where true worship can begin. This journey began with a call to leave the business world and give himself full-time to ministry. Randall eventually completed a M.A. in Pastoral Studies with an emphasis in Church Leadership and Development and Worship Leadership and has been a worship pastor for the past 6 years, recently moving with his family from California to Richmond.

“My wife and I met as worship leaders, and my pride and joy is found in us worshiping as a family. Worship is about the presence and the revelation of God Himself, in Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. It’s about the everyday joy of life rooted in who I am in my Father. It’s not about music, it’s not about a job.”

Randall is very excited about leading a brand new course specifically designed for worship leaders called The Art of Worship ©.