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Matthew is a creative and technical individual with experience in live and studio audio engineering, DJing, and production.

Matthew is a Richmond, VA native who spent his early childhood years learning Suzuki piano before pursuing musical theatre. In High School, he worked as a student volunteer sound tech for CharacterWorks Theatre which initialized his interest in music production and live sound. Soon after, he began volunteering with Hope Church’s tech team and worked their Easter Services at the Carpenter Center and Altria Theatre.

He completed two summer internships with Hope Church’s Worship Arts department where he focused on improving technical operations within the church. In 2014, Matthew was brought on staff with CharacterWorks as a live sound engineer.

In addition to attending VCU, Matthew is also the Technical Assistant for Hope Church’s Midtown Campus and he owns and operates a DJ business for weddings, parties and events.

Matthew directed Passion Academy’s 2015 Winter Showcase and has produced music for artists in their Artist Development Program including songs on Danielle Allen’s debut EP.

EMP Recording Camp Image

Matthew is excited to be directing this year’s Electronic Music Production and Recording Engineering Camp which focuses on developing production techniques, arranging tracks, exploring sounds and understanding all the tools needed to create and record original music.

In this camp, students will learn Ableton Live by going through the entire process of being an a producer and developing your own sound through a series of sketches and experimentation. Originality is an essential concept when producing music and the EMP Camp promotes the action of finding your inner musical ideas.

• Comprehensive and interactive learning with Ableton Live 9 software
• Collaboration with other individuals within the Electronic Music Production and Artist Development Program
• Education on sound design and synthesis
• Remix opportunities
• Multi-genre music appreciation
• Use of Passion Academy’s Recording Studio
• Hands on learning with physical synthesizers
• Compose and produce original music
• Live performance experiences