Voice Mentor

Hannah is originally from the West Coast, having grown up in the central valley town of Modesto, California. Growing up, much of her spare time was spent singing and playing various roles in musical theatre productions throughout her high school years. It was during this time of her life that her love for music blossomed and created within her a desire to study music and worship at the collegiate level.

She is a recent graduate of Liberty University with a Bachelor of Music degree in Worship Studies, with voice being her primary instrument of study. Hannah studied voice under Dr. Samantha Miller. She is trained in and enjoys performing classical arias, musical theatre, soulful jazz tunes, and foreign art songs, but ultimately Hannah’s passion and calling is leading others in worship of God through music. This passion was fostered while serving in various churches during her high school and college years through internships, volunteer roles, and worship classes.

Hannah currently lives in Hopewell, Virginia. She is involved in worship ministry at Friendship Baptist Church in Midlothian, VA where she serves alongside of her fiancé who serves as the minister of music. She also works at Demolition Coffee in Petersburg, VA on days when she is not teaching lessons.

Hannah loves attending live concerts, discovering new coffee shops/drinking good coffee, spending time with friends, and watching Friends or Gilmore Girls over and over and over…

Tell us a little bit about your musical background; when you first started, the first experience that made you want to become a musician.

I have had the desire to sing as long as I can remember. As I was growing up, events such as Christmas productions and choirs played a major role in my desire to become a musician. Even the little things such as belting out “Oops I Did it Again” by Brittany Spears into my hairbrush played a small role in developing my passion for music. Also, the numerous opportunities that I have had since junior high to serve the Lord through worship ministry continually keeps me grounded in truth and motivated as I strive to be a better musician on a daily basis.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Jon Guerra, Norah Jones, Ben Rector, Switchfoot/Jon Foreman, City and Color Stevie Wonder, LANY, Ella Fitzgerald, John Mayer, Bernhoft, The Goo Goo Dolls, Mumford & Sons, Matt Wertz, Jon Mclaughlin, Tommy Walker, Tori Kelly, Marvin Gaye, and oh so many more.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations, musical, and non-musical?

I am always inspired every time I hear Tori Kelly sing. If I saw her live, I’d probably cry from how amazing it would be. I also appreciate how she is a Christian artist in the world of pop music who is not ashamed of living out her faith. Charles Billingsley is also a major inspiration to me. I had the opportunity to learn from him at Liberty University and be a part of many worship services led by Charles. He has such a humble heart and is very mindful of making Christ the center of every worship service and performance. Plus, the man could sing from a phone book and it would be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard. Finally, A.W. Tozer is one of the most solid theologians I’ve had the pleasure of reading and learning from. His books contain so much applicable truth not only for the worshipper who leads music, but also for every individual who strives to worship Christ daily with their lives.

If you could follow in any musician’s footsteps, who would it be?

Meredith Andrews has been on a pretty cool journey that I would love to emulate in some ways. I consider Meredith to have one of the strongest female voices of worship artists, and she has written her share of songs in her solo career as well as with Vertical Church Band. Being a worship leader who writes songs for the local church and ultimately getting to lead the congregation in worship with songs that the Lord has given to me is something I aspire to do.

If you had the ability to pick anybody to collaborate with musically, who would it be?

I’d love to collaborate with Jon and Valarie Guerra. Jon was also on Vertical Church Band and now is touring with his wife in their new band called Praytell (relationship goals). Jon and Valarie are both incredible musicians and songwriters, and I’ve admired Jon since being floored by his stripped down acoustic performance at one of Liberty’s convocations.

What are your plans for the future of your music?

In the future, I plan to work in worship ministry vocationally while being able to train and equip others to also go out and use the gifts the Lord has given them for His service. I look forward to serving in ministry with my future husband as well as hopefully writing and recording together.

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