Dance Mentor

Meet Gregg D. Whitlock Jr., also known as PapiiBDS or Coach Gregg. He is an award winning choreographer and creative director from Essex County, New Jersey and has been teaching Hip-Hop dance to amateurs, hobbyists, and paid professionals for over 10 years, while also performing for over 12 years. He takes pride in inspiring others and is current owner of the Subjective Dance Company and Subjective Dance Club Virginia.

Coach Gregg is a self-trained Popping-based dancer with a style favored to waving, hitting, housing, tutting, and animating. He is a continuously growing freestyle dancer, but strongest as a choreographer. Not finding a name suitable to describe his style of new school and old school Hip-Hop based choreography, he has given birth to the term subjective dancing. He takes pride in teaching and helping his students gain an understanding of dance concepts and build confidence in their dancing abilities. Coach Gregg is committed to continuing his own training and takes the time to research various styles of Hip-Hop dance, new and old school. He is passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge with his students and spreading the joy of dance in the surrounding community.

In addition to the various dance classes that Coach Gregg teaches at Passion Dance, he will also be leading this summer’s Hip Hop Dance Camp.

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