Founder and Executive Director

Daniel is a native of Helsingborg, Sweden and has lived in the U.S. for 13 years where he has performed in various musicals on and off Broadway and toured with bands throughout the country. Prior to arriving in the states, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts and the Music Theatre Academy of Gothenburg where he received degrees in Music and Music Theatre. He also toured Europe with various acts from musicals and show reviews to bands of different backgrounds. Daniel is a trained vocalist/guitarist/bassist and has taught as a vocal coach for years. He has been involved in leading worship for youth and adults at Hope Church and many other churches. He has also been involved in church productions for both children and adults. He is a studio musician and has had the opportunity to be part of many different projects. He and his wife, Katie Johannesson, are currently working on an album of their own and playing at different venues. Daniel has a clear and simple vision for students attending Passion Academy. It is his passion to help students develop a strong foundation in everything related to the arts. He believes that faith and character are built by worshiping through the arts and are essential key factors in people’s growth and education.