Passion Academy’s Music and Dance Camps have been designed from the ground up with the student in mind. Our camps combine superior teaching, outstanding experiences, and a safe, welcoming environment for young people. But, why is a summer music or dance camp the right thing for your child this summer? There are many excellent reasons to encourage your child to attend; here are some of the benefits to consider:

Continued Development of Skills
Students spend the year learning new skills and refining them for performance. A summer music or dance camp will help stave off the backward slide performance skills can take during the summer. They are also a great way to bridge the gap in learning (and retaining) skills and concepts over the long summer months.

Expanded View of Participation
As a student’s daily life becomes routine, it is easy for them to remain unaware of the scope of participation in music or dance performance at their age level. A summer music or dance camp truly allows students to get to know their peers and to help broaden their view of participation in music or dance.

Foster Independence and Self-Reliance
Passion Academy music and dance camps help students build their self-confidence as individuals and as performers. Each camp provides a safe environment for students to tackle new personal challenges in the study of music or dance.

Inspire New Learning through Novel Experiences
New or novel experiences can be powerful influences on imprinting memories in our brains. The best summer arts camps are places to meet new friends, perform new music or dance choreography, and provide new inspiration to encourage continued study. The wonderful memories and friendships forged at a summer music or dance camp can last a lifetime, and provide a springboard for further development as individuals and artists.

Building Confidence through Successful, Meaningful Experiences
Often, summer music or dance camps ask students to perform placement auditions to form groups based on ability. Placing kids in like-ability ensembles creates a safe environment for taking risks and tackling new challenges.

Deepened Knowledge Related to Chosen Instrument or Dance Style
Passion Academy’s summer camps include masterclasses presented by experts for a given instrument or dance style. These camps present a wonderful venue for in-depth focus on an instrument or dance style and the skill development necessary to advance as a performer.

Exploring New Avenues for Performance/Participation
Getting ready to audition for a band in high school? Want to dive into jazz improvisation? Intrigued by small chamber ensemble experiences? Looking to audition for an upcoming dance performance opportunity? Our summer music and dance camps offer a diversity of opportunities to explore new avenues of performance.

Develop and Strengthen Friendships Rooted in the Arts
Many students (and adults) are drawn to the Arts, in part, for the socialization aspect. Summer music and dance camps at Passion Academy can strengthen existing friendships, and open the doors for new ones.

Passion Academy’s Music and Dance Camps offer exciting and inspiring weeks within a safe, welcoming environment. Students will grow as musicians, dancers, and as individuals through these positively life-changing experiences!

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