Summer dancing is a great way for students to maintain the progress in their technique that they have made during the previous year, so that they don’t fall too far behind in the fall season. It is also a great opportunity for students to try out new dance styles via classes or fun camps, as the summer session is shorter than a regular semester. Passion Dance offers students a variety of options for summer dancing.

For those students that are able to continue dancing on a weekly basis, we have a full schedule of afternoon and evening summer classes. Our full summer session is 8 weeks long, but several classes will be running on a shorter term session (see schedule). Additionally, this summer we are offering a few, exciting new classes:

Pre-Pointe – for current ballet students in Ballet IV or higher. This class will help students that are interested in going on pointe to condition their legs and feet for the intensity of wearing pointe shoes.

Conditioning for Dancers – for dance students ages 8 and up. This 4 week session will help dancers fine tune their abdominal, inner/outer thigh, and glute muscles to complement and strengthen their dance technique. Students will learn exercises that they can take home for continued conditioning in order to enhance their dancing throughout the year.

Intro to Dance – for new dance students that are unsure of their future path in dance and that want to try out different styles. This is a 4 week session, in which each week students will take a class in 1 of the following styles: ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz, and musical theatre dance.

Students should register for the same level class that they took during fall/spring semester. If there are certain weeks you cannot attend during summer session, please let us know in advance and we will prorate the session accordingly.

For those students who:

• Cannot take weekly classes but want to continue improving their dance technique in a shorter amount of time
• Want to enhance their weekly dance classes with a more intense experience
• Want to try out a different style one week at a time
• Want more choreography / performing opportunities
• Want a fun-filled experience of dancing every day

We have a full schedule of numerous morning camps with various dance styles.

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