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Studio Rates

Our studio rate is $40.00/hr
(2 hour minimum)
Set up and prep is $20.00/hr

Discounted Block Time

10 hr block at $300.00

Sing-a-long Prices

$55.00 per song – 2 hours max
$235.00 for 5 songs- 8 hours max
$40 savings
(must provide back track)

Studio Musicians

Hiring a studio musician can be very expensive, so we offer a wide array of some of the best musicians in town to be able to customize to your every need.

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys or other

Vocal and Backing Vocal

Mix and Edit

$ 40.00/hour
We will provide 1 master copy of the final project.


The studio can record in a number of different ways to fit almost any price range. However, here are some tips to help you get the best recording.

1. Schedule a visit to the studio in person prior to the time you want to record. This will allow you get familiar with the studio layout and discuss your needs with the engineer to determine what will work
best for you. You will be able to preview work the studio has done for others. We can also offer some mic techniques that will help give you a better recording in less time.

2. Know your material. Do not plan to come and record without being fully rehearsed and prepared . Plan on doing one to three songs at a time and know them well. You might be surprised to see how different it is from playing live without hearing yourself on playback.

3. You should have a copy of the lyrics. If necessary, please provide a copy for the engineer and your producer so they can follow along while you are in your creative space.

4. Pitch and Timing are one the most important aspects of any vocal or instrumental project. If you have pitch and / or timing issues, we will let you know and offer some simple suggestions to
help you improve them.

5. Rest well before your Session. This is vital to you and / or your band to be fully ready and capable to make your time useful while you are creating your own mark on the world.

6. Practice using a click-track. Bands using sequencer parts will have to play along with a click- track. Practicing beforehand is essential , especially for the drummer as it is he or she who sets the tempo for the song and for the rest of the band. It is imperative that all members of the band stay in time and tight if you want the finished song to sound perfect.

7. Check your instruments are up to the job. A good studio session requires reliable equipment. Put new strings on your guitar, new skins on your drums etc. Bring lots of spares: drum sticks, strings, skins, picks and anything that could break like tubes on a tube amp.

8. Making the most of your engineer. It’s very important to us that you don’t waste your time and money. If possible, please provide the engineer a rough single-track recording or a quick explanation about the songs and what sound you are going for. That will save you valuable time during your session.

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