Passion Academy’s Recording and Live Audio Camp is ideal for students that have some experience with audio and recording and wish to further their knowledge and get hands on with industry standard gear.

We will be visiting a commercial recording studio in the Richmond area to learn about recording bands, foley, ADR and live concerts.

We’ll look at live sound setups from a simple open mic night up to the massive festival stages.

Students will learn about the recording process from pre-production to the distribution stage and gain experience by recording a solo artist or band.

Students will also examine the process of studio production, manufacturing, promotion and distribution of contemporary recordings. Record release programs for independent and major label-controlled products will also be analyzed.

Areas of Focus
Stage and Audio Terminology
Signal Flow, Setup and Wire PA Systems
Input Lists, Stage Plots
Microphone Techniques, Wiring Stages
Line Check, Sound Check, Mixing
Running and Working a Real Show

July 16 through July 20
9:00AM to 2:00PM
$325 per student

* We are now offering a new 3-month payment plan option for all Summer Music Camps (this option is included on the registration form below)

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