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Hey! My name is Rebekah, but mostly I go by Bekah. I was born in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and raised in Virginia. I am the middle child of 8 siblings, and the second oldest girl. Growing up was filled with sports, the beach, sailing and a lot of cross country road trips. My parents tried to get me to learn piano and guitar when I was younger, but I did everything in my power to get out of it. So it’s a bit ironic that I am now releasing music. I’m not big on the whole “bio” thing because I can never seem to define myself in facts, but if you read on you will be able to learn a bit more about me and my music.

A lot of hullabaloo about myself and music

I’m not a musician by any means, I didn’t grow up playing instruments, I didn’t really even listen to music until my freshman year of high school. I don’t have a very good voice, I also happen to be self-deprecating for the sake of humor. Many people tend to take this as me hating myself, that is not the case. I actually happen to be horribly conceited. These two traits have a tendency to clash. If you have ever seen me perform (I doubt that you have, I get terrible stage fright when singing), you will see these two traits in action. It’s quite humorous if I do say so myself. As you can probably tell, music really isn’t my thing. I do not plan on “changing the world” or “inspiring others” through my voice. I am nothing more than an angsty teen using the same four chords in every song. You’re probably asking yourself “why in the world is this person writing music?” Well, I do actually have a pretty good reason. I absolutely adore the art of acting, so much so that everything I do is in an effort to refine my craft. One of my drama teachers once told me “an actor must be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.” This saying changed my life. It is what caused me to start taking music lessons and writing music. Music, singing especially, makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I have never been good at it, in fact I’m quite bad in my opinion, and it gives me horrible anxiety. I cannot begin to tell you how many anxiety attacks have been cause by having to sing in front of people. Releasing this song is very hard for me, in fact as I’m writing this I am rethinking the decision to do so. Daniel wouldn’t even think of letting me do that though. All of that said, let me explain a few things about my music:

I can almost guarantee that my music will change genres regularly, I’m just messing around in the studio. My music is not very good, it’s not awful, but it’s not very good. I will almost always try to hide my voice with Joel’s (my Artist Development mentor).

Keep these things in mind and I believe that our time together will be less than horrible.

What Passion Academy means to Bekah…

Passion Academy is important to me for a few reasons, but mainly because it is a place that I can go and sound awful and it will be ok. It’s ok for my voice to crack and it’s ok for me to sound like a dying pig when I am trying to sing a new song. I have never once felt judged for the way my voice works, I have never felt like I was less just because it wasn’t as effortless as others. That is very important, especially when you are trying something new. It’s even more important for people who are doing something that they are terrified of. I am incredibly thankful for that.

Photos by Molly Scott

About Bekah’s new single…

“the middle child of a family affected by addiction will typically be withheld, avoid interactions with other people and will keep their head down. They will most likely have their head in a book much of the time and will have a hard time opening up to people. This child is 7 times more likely to become an addict when they grow up.” – The speaker at an event at a Sober Living that I attended after my brother went to rehab.

When I was younger, I fit this description almost perfectly. As the middle of eight children I was incredibly introverted, only ever read books or drew and didn’t have many friends. Hearing this speaker say that was a very significant moment in my life, it changed the way I viewed myself and it changed the way I viewed other people. It felt as if he was speaking to me, almost as if he was saying “don’t you know your fate is shame, see it’s written in your veins, it’s in your blood”. I began to think about this incident again recently after a close friend of mine and I were talking about the effect addiction has had on both of our lives. They echoed a lot of the same feelings that I had, and we both agreed that more than anything we didn’t want to be alone. That conversation was the inspiration for the chorus. The verses were inspired by both mine and my friends feelings about ourselves, our situation, and our fear of being alone. Finally, the bridge is a reminder for both of us to “let the sparrows guide you home, listen to their hopeful call.” If there is one thing that I have learned through my life so far, it is that “the only way to fly, is to fall.”

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