The objective of Passion Threads is to provide deserving students in need with excellent educational opportunities in the Arts. When you purchase merchandise from Passion Threads, a portion of all sales goes toward our goal of providing tuition, musical instruments and equipment, dance supplies and educational resources required for instruction.

 A limited number of scholarships are available to students who have the desire to be involved, but would otherwise not have the opportunity.

 Every purchase makes a difference in a student’s life and positively impacts the many programs and experiences that make an education in the arts so enriching and unique. Your generosity supports all of our great initiatives—and for that we are very grateful.

Our current merchandise campaign is supporting Passion Arts Foundation‘s production of Invincible: A Story of Hope.


Our team is continually working to develop new designs, so please check back often. Thank you in advance for your support!

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Passion Threads works with Passion Arts Foundation to administer various scholarships, awards, fellowships, and commissions. The final selections for these programs are entrusted to panels composed of some of the world’s most distinguished artists, all of whom volunteer their time and knowledge. Passion Threads will also award grants on an annual basis to music and arts organizations around the country. Our advisory panel reviews and makes recommendations for these awards, which range from the support of classical music groups specializing in contemporary works, to modern rock band style instruction, to musical theatre programs for inner-city youth, and programs designed to further the study of various dance styles which include ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and more.

* Passion Arts Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) organization EIN 82-3281740