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Passion Academy offers a unique music learning experience with programs that are built upon a proven curriculum. Through these methods, students get introduced to both classic and contemporary music as they progress in their journey towards becoming accomplished musicians. Private music lessons are offered for the following instruments: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums. Students, on average, receive four private 40-minute lesson per month.

Our Performance Package is one of the unique opportunities that students at Passion Academy can be part of. This experience introduces our students to the dynamic of playing with other students in a band setting which includes their first taste of actually leading a group of people into an experience. Our mentors will guide each of these bands through an interactive and spiritually deep journey to understand both the technical and spiritual aspects of leading a band. They’ll study the leaders who have made their mark in the world of music and learn more about their writing approach, style and execution.


Private Lessons (Guitar, Piano, Voice, Drums, Bass Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Saxaphone)

$40 per 40-minute session

Band Development Program

$60 per 2 hour session

Artist Development Program

$60 per 90-minute session

Electronic Music Production

$50 per 60-minute session

Recording Engineering

$50 per 60-minute session
$75 per 90-minute session

Note: All lessons and classes must be paid in advance (4 sessions)

Family Discount

• 10% off lesser tuition for two or more family members.
• Family discounts apply to any combination of music lessons and classes.

Registration Fee

A one-time registration fee is paid upfront for each student. We offer a sibling discount of $25 per sibling.
• $50 per student
• $25 per sibling
• There are no refunds or prorating for holidays, inclement weather closures or missed lessons. Payment is due monthly by the 1st or 15th. A $15 late fee will be assessed 10 days after due date.

Benefits of Enrollment

• Weekly lessons by mentors who are established musicians, performers & teachers
• Curriculum that’s centered on technique, theory and discipline
• End-of-semester recital performance events in December and May
• Lessons are conducted in a safe and open environment
• Staff and mentors are thoroughly vetted and have cleared background checks
• Conveniently located in the heart of Richmond’s West End
• Discounted attendance to workshops to help grow your students ability and knowledge of their instrument, songwriting, performance, worship leading, etc.
• Performance opportunities for our top students at some of the finest local venues


Passion Academy LLC BBB Business Review