One of the unique opportunities that students have at Passion Academy is the ability to join one of our bands. This experience introduces our students to the dynamic of playing with other students in a band setting and offers their first taste of collaborating with a group in music production. Our mentors will guide each of these bands through an interactive journey to understand both the technical and creative aspects of playing together as a band. They study bands and artists who have made their mark on the culture of music and learn more about their writing approach, style and execution.

Beginner Bands

Students are invited to join one of our beginner bands for a unique learning experience. They will be taught songs from various genres and given an opportunity to engage with other musicians in real-time. Beginner band members participate in a weekly two-hour band rehearsal led by one of our mentors. During this intro course, we teach the following:
• Basics of technique and music theory
• How to actively listen and respond to other band members
• Select performance etiquette
• How to present yourself onstage, both individually and as a group
• The importance of both leading & following in a group
• The role that each instrument plays in a band setting

Intermediate Bands

Intermediate band is offered to students who exhibit a full understanding of their instrument. Practices are held once a week for two hours. Intermediate bands focus on the following:
• Group dynamics
• Intermediate Performance techniques
• Tonal techniques
• Improvisational flow

Advanced Bands

Students who have proven themselves as an accomplished musician will be given the opportunity to audition for one of our advanced bands. These bands will be given opportunities to represent Passion Academy outside of our own facility at various events. Members will be required to participate in at least one two-hour band rehearsal per week. They will also be trained at more advanced levels, including:
• Writing songs
• How to creating engaging song set lists
• Gear selection (pedal boards, drum accessories, etc.)
• Tonal augmentations – the ability to create an enhanced atmosphere by using their instruments
• Intense focus on band leadership, not just playing songs
• Introduction to recording process and access to Passion Music Group’s Recording Studio 

Band Policies

• Students who participate in the beginner and intermediate bands are encouraged to take advantage of our entire performance package which includes weekly private lessons.
• Students in a band are part of a group that can only succeed if they consistently work together. It is expected that students attend every band rehearsal.

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