This is an exciting time in the music industry. Everything about how music is recorded, produced, promoted, delivered and monetized is changing, seemingly on a weekly basis. These rapid changes demand that industry professionals possess a solid understanding of how the music industry fits into the larger entertainment industry. Success in the music industry also requires management and business skills. This includes an understanding of contracts and the legal issues regarding intellectual property; technological acumen; and the ability to innovate, integrate and adapt in an ever-evolving global industry.

Passion Academy’s Music Industry and Live Audio Camp will offer an overview of the music publication industry. The focus will be upon, but not limited to, mainstream popular music. It will also consider songwriter publisher relations, self-publication, as well as an examination of art. We will also evaluate a musician/recording artist in the music industry. Focus of discussions will include artist development from early career stages to concert tours, unions, recording companies, personal appearances, contractual agreements, and more.

Areas of Focus
Entertainment Business
Social Media and Marketing
Digital Marketing/DIY Marketing
Artist Management
Record Companies
Publishing and Rights

Students will experience an overview of the recording, entertainment and performing arts industries including an examination of the historical, aesthetic and commercial developments of the music industry.

In addition, students will examine the process of studio production, manufacturing, promotion and distribution of contemporary recordings. They will also learn about record release programs for independent and major label-controlled products.

Areas of Focus
Live Audio
Equipment knowledge
Live Performance
Stage and Audio Terminology
Signal Flow, Setup and Wire PA Systems
Input Lists, Stage Plots
Microphone Techniques, Wiring Stages
Line Check, Sound Check, Mixing
Running and Working a Real Show

July 17 through July 21
9:00AM to 12:00PM

$325 per student

* We are now offering a new 3-month payment plan option for all Summer Music Camps (this option is included on the registration form below)

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