Piano Mentor

Beth Anne is a Hampton Roads native and recent transplant to Richmond. With a degree in piano performance from Old Dominion University, she has been performing in classical, worship and informal settings for more than nine years. She is the recipient of numerous merit and musical awards including the F. Ludwig Diehn award.

Her passion in music is in bringing individuals together in new musical expressions. New compositions, unusual instrument combinations and fresh perspectives on old melodies are her particular favorites. She has premiered works by up and coming composers including David Nguyen and Adelaide Coles.

“One of the wisest pieces of advice I have ever been given was by one of my piano teachers. She said ‘Anytime you have any strong emotion to deal with, just go play it out on the piano.’ I had no idea what that meant at the time, but I just tried it out anyway. Honestly, now its a part of my nature. Anytime I need to think or pray I immediately find the closest piano. My best friend says my spiritual language is music and every emotion and secret I try to bury comes spilling out to God whenever I play. I know that I was made to make music and to worship from the piano, I am more sure of that every time I play.” -Beth Ann

Curriculum Vitae