Never underestimate the value of performing, whether at home for family and friends, or in a ‘proper’ concert venue. Performing for others, and the ability to get up and do it, is an important life skill as it builds confidence and self-reliance – and not just in the sphere of music.

The rush of adrenaline that comes with performing often encourages you to ‘raise your game’ and play better, and interesting things can happen to your music when played before an audience, which may not occur during practice. As a musician, of whatever level, it is crucial in one’s musical study and development to experience the difference between practice and performance, to put your music ‘out there’ and offer it up to other people for scrutiny. Performing allows us to share our passion, and reminds us that music is for sharing.

The benefits for younger students are even greater: preparing music for performance teaches them to complete a real task and to understand what is meant by “music making”. It encourages students to “play through”, glossing over errors rather than being bothered by them, instead of stop-start playing which prevents proper flow. It also teaches students to communicate a sense of the music, to “tell the story”, and to understand what the composer is trying to say.

Performing is an adventure, and a heroic act. It is the natural extension of our love of the instrument and its literature, and it is a huge privilege to share this with others. Nervousness is the price one pays for this privilege, and enduring it and turning it around into a positive experience, is an act of self-mastery, another fundamental life skill, which encourages self-dependence, and a total reliance on our inner resources.

Our mission is be the best stewards of talent that we possibly can. Excellent talent stewardship is our main purpose and we are forever grateful that you have chosen Passion Academy as the place where your talented student can grow and thrive. We offer several performance opportunities throughout the year for every student of any skill level.
As many of you know that our Live Music Showcase is this Saturday, December 9th at Stony Point Church. We will be condensing our program into a two hour show starting at 2:00PM where we will have all the students play. It is important to note that the last day to register is Thursday, December 7th. If you are interested in registering your student, please complete the commitment form below. We will not be accepting any more enrollments after that point.

Please plan to arrive promptly at 1:45PM if you need to tune, warm up, and/or unpack your instruments. We will start right at 2pm with the following instrument order:

Guitar / Ukulele

For many students, this showcase will be their first time performing in front of an audience. At all levels of musicianship, standard of presentable attire is part of the experience of performing. We are encouraging attire that is Christmas themed.

We encourage all participants to stay for the duration of the whole performance. If you need to leave early, please exit quietly after each instrument ensemble is completed.

Performances will be held at the beautiful Stony Point Church in Bon Air:

2330 Buford Road
Chesterfield VA 23235

If you are interested in registering your student, please complete the commitment form below. We will not be accepting any more enrollments after Thursday, December 7, 2017.

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