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Lauren Cash is a fifteen year old student who has loved music for as long as she can remember.  After begging her parents to learn violin at age three, she began lessons when she was five until an elbow injury prevented her from continuing to play at twelve. After giving up violin, Lauren discovered her true passion was singing and songwriting. She has invested countless hours developing her voice, and songwriting while teaching herself guitar and ukulele along the way.

Lauren released her first song “Is it Your Eyes?” on March 15, 2016. It is a relaxed, acoustic-based track that she wrote at the end of the summer.

What Passion Academy means to me…

Passion Academy has helped me to discover and experiment with my voice. They offer the unique opportunity to collaborate in recording my songs. I’m thankful for the mentors who offer guidance, musical training, and technical expertise.  In addition to helping me with my music, Passion Academy is also a place where I am surrounded by many talented musicians and have made new friends.


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