Vocal Mentor

Katelyn McCarter Bio Pic SquareCompelled to create music by the invigorating strength and inspiration she receives from God, four time, award winner Katelyn McCarter has captured the attention of the industry with her sensational vocal abilities and is quickly establishing herself as talent that is actually worthy of being called an artist.

Hailing from Virginia, Katelyn McCarter has lived a life enriched with various aspects of performance. From a young age, Katelyn has taken every presented opportunity to explore her natural musical impulses, becoming heavily involved in children’s choir where she discovered she was meant for music. Katelyn’s love for performance and talent in music was apparent to her family, who supported Katelyn’s creative inclinations, encouraging her to study voice, piano and dance. Her studies paid off – Katelyn racked up numerous music achievements as a child and teen which later prompted her to study music in college. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Music in 2012. Within that same year, Katelyn also signed with Record Label, Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment from Kansas City in October of 2012.

Aside from performing, Katelyn’s love for music is also known with all her students she teaches. She loves to be involved with her student’s success and future. She provides her students with much knowledge of singing while helping them gain confidence within their vocal capacity.

Strengths: Vocals, Piano, Songwriting, Worship Leading, Performance