Passion Academy Drums and Percussion Camp provides the opportunity for beginners and advanced players alike to deepen their knowledge and practical skills in workshops and master classes — focusing on technology, sounds, and grooves as well as the usage of various playing styles and approaches. Each educational experience will help deepen existing knowledge and ability while providing new inspiration and a wide overview of traditions and trends from the drum and percussion world.

During the week, students participate in a number of educational experiences including:

Strengthening the Basics: Importance of the metronome, drumsticks, rudiments, tuning drums, basic drum beat styles, playing dynamics, getting the most out of private lessons and more.

Introduction to Percussion: History of Percussion Instruments, types of percussion instruments (pitched and un-pitched), hands-on ensemble experience and more.

Drum Set Master Classes: Set-up, tuning, cymbal focus, time, comping, brushes, soloing, independence, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and much more.

Listening and Analysis: Studying the styles and approaches of world-class drummers ranging from rock to jazz, fusion and more.

Jam Sessions: Open jam sessions with other students and staff that encourage creativity and provide inspiration.

You will grow as a musician and artist, and experience the joy of playing with fellow young drummers and percussionists.

August 14 through August 18
9:00AM to 12:00PM
$325 per student

* We are now offering a new 3-month payment plan option for all Summer Music Camps (this option is included on the registration form below)

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