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Danielle Allen is an artist with a sense to tell a story. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas and raised in Colorado, Danielle has taken music across the states with her. She has been taking guitar lessons since 2009 when her love for music really began. Shortly after learning guitar, Danielle started writing songs. When Danielle was 12 she moved to California; there the love of acting got exposed to her. At the time the passion to perform grew, also she learned to pick-up ukulele. But when she moved to Virginia, music turned into her main passion as well. Everywhere Danielle goes she is always looking to share her music, and tell her stories; either finding inspiration from artists, real-life emotions/experiences, or the latest fictional love stories brought to her through TV.

Currently she is enveloped greatly in outside theatre and is looking to break into the film-world, finishing her third novel, and constantly putting her finger to all things music. With an “open-diary” style of song-writing, and Indi/pop vocals, Danielle is releasing her first debut EP.

With the limits of the stars, and her dreams in arms reach; she wishes to tell the world the stories that have been embedded into her DNA, and to inspire the world.

A personal note from Danielle…

It’s amazing how lyrics can tell a story that your heart doesn’t want to tell, but yet sometimes the only way to heal is to sing it and share it. That’s what I want my songs to be…the experiences, journeys, mistakes, loves, I go through to become who I am. My EP “Danielle Allen” really show cases four loves that have made me who I am.

1. The reckless fantasy love I’ve always dreamed of.
2. The first love I ever experienced, and the one that will stick with me forever.
3. The toxic love where they tore me down, but I always became stronger as a result.
4. Self-love. The most important love of all. Embrace who you are and realize that you’re not invisible or alone, and everything will be okay.

The loves I’ve experienced have really made me who I am. They have brought me a little bit of color in this black and white world. I chose to introduce myself to the world this way because I want my listeners to know who I am; the only way to show them that is to take them on the journey I experienced to become who I am today.  So I chose to bring them into the story of four loves that are different from each other, but somehow they all work together to bring hope and color back into this dark world.

What Passion Academy means to me…

The one reason I love Passion Academy is because they helped me realize it is okay to be who I am, and I should share the things I learned to make me a better musician and ultimately a better person.

At Passion Academy, they really invest in you. They listen to you, and don’t give up even when you want to give up on yourself. When I came to Passion Academy, I was ready to give up on music, but yet they were able to salvage and pull out the passion that still raged inside of me. They helped me believe that I could do it. They help all of their students say no to “can’t” and say hello to “can”.

They helped me realize God has put a talent into each and everyone of us, and we shouldn’t die with that passion still inside of us. Passion Academy has helped my dreams become a reality.

If are looking for a place that accepts you for who you are and encourages you to become all you can be, then Passion Academy is the place for you.

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A few notes about each song on the EP…

Love yourself first. Love who you are and what you have to give to the world. The things that make you YOU are the best things anyone could ask for. This song brings a piano ballad with an electric tempo followed by a powerful emotional chorus…proclaiming you’re not invisible. Life may get hard, tears may come, hearts may be broken, but never lose yourself – that is the most important part as to who you are. Never forget to look yourself in the mirror, and realize you not invisible and someone will see you.

This song is furious, dark, and a run-away love story (everyone wants). With a heartbeat base and racing tempo, the strong chorus takes you on the adventure of two of the worlds most wanted people in a robin-hood theme love song. They may be wanted but it doesn’t matter because they are together.

Stay With Me
This song is about toxic love. The one where it truly is black and white, you want it to stay but it shouldn’t. Stay With Me features a deep rich verse and surprising strong chorus…with emotion showing the struggle of letting love go.

This song is about first love…the love where your heart leads instead of your mind. Where a whole new world of emotions take the reins, and you think “maybe this love is forever”. Maybe has a “Disney pop” sound with sweet lyrics and crisp vocals featuring the amazing vocals of Nick Faulconer.

Purchase/Listen to Danielle’s new EP here: (released March 1, 2016)


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