2018 February

Passion Pulse Vol 2 Issue 2

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Hello to all our parents, friends, supporters, and students. Welcome to another edition of The Passion Pulse. And welcome to February! Although the holidays seem long gone, February is actually jam-packed with activity. The Superbowl, Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, President’s Day, Mardi Gras and Lent, the Winter Olympics…these are just a few of the goings on here in our country and around the world.

Have you ever stopped to think about what all of these events have in common? The answer is ownership. As we celebrate Black History Month we find ourselves (hopefully) taking ownership of mistakes made in our country’s past, as well as owning up to how we can all do better. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day today, we celebrate love, something that goes far beyond just a feeling, but rather takes ownership on our part to actually BE loving, even when we don’t “feel” love.

Over the next few weeks millions of people all over the world will take ownership of their spiritual lives, their internal world, as they revel in life and then spend some time fasting and reflecting on the things that matter most. And as we get ready to take some time off of work and school this weekend, we celebrate some very well-known leaders who decided to take ownership of their destiny and their country’s destiny, as well as their God-given rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And finally, we recognize what may be the most obvious and concrete examples of ownership…world-renown athletes displaying the fruit of years and years of what we might call extreme ownership, taking charge of our own minds and bodies, disciplining ourselves to achieve a dream, whether it’s a Superbowl ring or a gold medal.

Inspired yet? Ready to take some ownership? Great! Because that’s exactly what we want for all of our students at Passion Academy…a sense of ownership when it comes to their talent, their dreams and their goals.

Anthony Mazzochi says something very powerful about this idea of ownership in his book, The Music Parents’ Guide. “When a student understands, “why”, “how”, “where”, and “when” to practice, they have been given power. They will feel a sense of responsibility, which will then lead to self-motivation and routine. Ideally we want our children to have ownership over their own learning in every aspect of life, and music education is a wonderful way to teach this.”

So, in addition to everything going on this month, and in the spirit of all those who came before us, here’s to making February, “Passionate Ownership Month.” Together we celebrate our ability, as uniquely created individuals to achieve and to accomplish all that we set our hearts and minds to.

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, April 21 for our next live music showcase. Stay tuned for registration details but start working with you or your student’s mentor now on a song.

Passion is always looking for new mentors. If you know people who you think would be a good fit for our Passion team and culture, please refer them to the application page on our website.

Just another quick reminder that we have a new texting platform at Passion where you can receive periodic and important updates on big things coming up, as well as weather events and schedule changes. For Passion Academy updates text PASSION to 33222. For Passion Dance updates please text DANCER to the same number. 

Enrollment for Passion Summer Camps is open now…take advantage! And just in case you need a few reasons to sign your child up for something that will keep them occupied while they continue to learn and grow while you’re still trying to work here ya go…summer camps…

Ensure Continued Development of Skills
• Foster Independence and Self-Reliance
• Build Confidence through Successful, Meaningful Experiences
• Develop and Strengthen Friendships Rooted in the Arts

And if that isn’t reason enough, Passion’s Summer Camps are just cool!

For more information, click on the desired camp image below


Passion Dance is also hosting a couple of Musical Theatre Master Classes with Megan Tatum on Saturday, February 24:
Session One is from 3:30-5:00pm for 12 and under
Session Two is from 5:30-7:30pm for 12 and older


Summer Worship Leadership Training Intensive

Do you know young people in your church who have a gift for music and worship? Passion Academy will be running its first ever Art of Worship Summer Intensive this year. Dates are still TBD, but we are looking for young adults who are interested in joining us for a 1-2 week intensive focused on helping young worship leaders discover their call as a worshiper and their potential as a worship leader. We are calling it The Start of Worship: Summertime.

In addition we will have a one-week track intensive called The Art of Worship 2.0 for more experienced worship leaders who are currently serving as leaders/directors or pastors in their church.

Prospective students can apply now on The Art of Worship page.