2018 January

Passion Pulse Vol 2 Issue 1

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Being Enough in a New Year
What was your New Year’s resolution? Was it to lose weight? Exercise more? Watch TV less? Spend more time with your family? Maybe it was even to practice, or have your children practice their music or dance more…wink, wink.

Whatever it was, have you ever thought about where these resolutions come from? Why do we make them? Why do we have such trouble keeping them? Well, the obvious answer might be because we want to be better people right? We want to weigh less and do more, or maybe do less and just be more. We want to accomplish more and regret less. We just want to feel better about ourselves, about who we are and what we do. I mean who doesn’t right? So then why do we find it so hard to actually accomplish the “more”, to accomplish these “betters” that we set out to achieve and become? Here’s something to consider…maybe it’s because we tend to lose sight of our starting point, actually being “enough”. And no, we don’t mean just getting by being “good enough”, while never striving for excellence, this is an overall perspective, a running narrative in our heads, maybe even a fear, that constantly makes us doubt whether we are living up to the expectations we have for ourselves and the ones we think others have for us.

As a new year opens up at Passion, we really want to help show each student what their strengths are, where they shine and what they can accomplish, starting with the idea that who they are, them just being them is enough. It’s a great jumping off point don’t you think…beginning with the idea that you are uniquely created to be and do things in a way that nobody else can? We think so, because as each new student walks in, as each new program gets started or as familiar ones start up again, we get to take what is and make the most of it in order to unwrap and discover what will be. We get to uncover talents, skills, goals and achievements that lead to our students’ excellence and greatness. And that is when great things happen!

We got to experience so many exciting moments with you in 2017, but we are even more excited for the year to come. We are excited to discover all of the the possibilities ahead of us, for Passion as a whole and for each one of your students. We are grateful for all that they bring and how they make us remember every single day that we have so much to be thankful for, so much that already makes up all the best of who we are. To that we are excited to add the promise that the best is yet to come!

Invincible Continues to Inspire
If you didn’t get to see Passion Academy’s Winter Showcase production of Invincible you’ve probably heard by now that you missed out on an amazing experience! Fortunately, however our friends at Altamira Film Co. were able to put together an incredible video chronicling the event and the impact it had and continues to have. So here it is, hot off the press, Passion Academy and Altamira Film Co. proudly present Invincible: A Story of Hope.

Live Music Showcase – Rescheduled for April

As you recall our winter Live Music Showcase was cancelled due to, well, winter. As you recall this same weather phenomenon put some kinks in our winter live music showcase. After initially rescheduling another winter showcase for February, we thought it best to give everyone more time to prepare so we can do it up right. So we have moved our next showcase to April. It will be a spring showcase and will be the only one until winter rolls around again. Stay tuned for more details on this, but in the meantime please encourage your students to begin thinking about songs they might want to perform. April will come around quickly!

Election Day!
Voting is now open for Virginia Living Magazine Best of Virginia 2018! We would LOVE it if you could take a moment and VOTE for Passion Academy and Passion Arts Foundation. You helped catapult us to local fame and recognition through Richmond Magazine, Style Weekly and Virginia Living where last year we won “best of” in multiple categories. Help us do it again in this year’s edition of Virginia Living Magazine’s Best Of! You have until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28 to submit your ballot.

Looking for a Few Good Mentors
Passion is always on the look-out for new mentors who have a heart for mentoring, a proficiency in the Arts, and a willingness to serve, especially as we grow! We have mentors with a variety of backgrounds, experience, and education. If you know people who you think would be a good fit for our Passion team and culture, please refer them to the application page on our website. Thank you!
Passion Beer…That’s Right…Passion Beer!
Sugar Shack brought you the Passion Donut, but THIS Friday, January 26 from 4pm – closing, Three Notch’d Brewery will be bringing you the Practice Makes Passion Beer! Don’t miss out on trying this unique blend. And, not only is this a great chance to try a great beer with a great name, but our very own Passion Academy mentors/artists Colleen Christman and Elliott Johnson will be performing live at Three Notch’d from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. Pint specials will also be running from 4-7 pm. Come join us! Three Notch’d is located in Scott’s Addition at 2930 Broad St. All proceeds will benefit our Passion Arts Foundation.

Snow Days and the Like
The winter of 2017/18 has already proven to be out of the ordinary. With schools closed frequently and spring still a solid month away we wanted to just take a minute to remind you that our policy at Passion is to try to stay open as often as possible, while at the same time keeping everyone’s safety in mind. So please be sure to keep in contact with us often and early, and we will do the same!

New Texting Platform
And speaking of staying in touch, Passion Academy has just implemented a new texting platform that allows us to communicate with our Passion community via text! And it’s incredibly easy to sign up, for Passion Academy updates just text PASSION to 33222. For Passion Dance updates please text DANCER to the same number. Rest assured you will not be bombarded with promotional material; but you WILL be receiving important updates on things like snow day closures and major changes that you need to know about.

Summer is Coming
Although the recent snow has made it seem like summer is a long ways off, this week’s weather should be a reminder that it WILL be here before you know it; and with it will come Passion’s diverse offering of summer camps…vocals, drums, strings, artist band development, electronic music and of course our increasingly popular dance camps (Prince and Princess Pre-school Camp, Musical Theatre Camp, Ballet Performance Camp, and Hip Hop Camp). Start thinking about which camp(s) you or your student is interested in so you don’t miss out when dates are released. Passion summer camps run from mid-June to mid-August.