2017 July

Passion Pulse Vol 1 Issue 1

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Hello to our Passion Community, and welcome to the very first edition of the Passion Pulse, a monthly newsletter where you get to feel the pulse of what’s happening at Passion Academy, and a regular peek into where we’re going.

We believe that YOU ARE PASSION. You make this place what it is…Richmond’s Premier Academy for the Arts.  The definition of “premier” is “first in rank or leading”, and we really do believe that we are leading the way, not only in what we’re doing, but in how we think about each and every person that comes through our doors. Passion Academy is different in all the best ways, and we think that all of you make us stand out because you believe in our vision to mentor students in a way that gives them value, purpose, worth, creativity, discipline, and excellence. So, we say thank you! And we want to return the favor by letting you into the heartbeat of our life together here at Passion Academy. We hope you enjoy the very first edition of the Passion Pulse!

We Are Doin’ Some Damage in the West End…

If you are signed up for one of our many Summer Camps, you may have noticed a little demolition derby going on at our West End location. We’re still open for business as usual, but as they say, ”please excuse our mess.”  We are expanding and renovating so we have more room (and rooms) to meet the needs of everything going on in our programs. Here’s the scoop on all the exciting developments:

Phase One included the creation of a brand new “Studio 4”. This has actually been completed already, so if you come visit you’ll notice a new studio where the TV and waiting table and pay phone once were. But the most exciting part is that we are giving you a brand new lobby! We are creating a more private and inviting lobby space, right when you walk in, for you and all of our guests to enjoy while you’re waiting for your students or chatting with us and each other. We hope to have this all set up for you by the middle of August…enjoy!

Phase Two is something we are particularly looking forward to as our Artist Development and Band Development programs grow. We are adding a new, and much larger recording studio and “live room”, a space that can be used both for rehearsing and recording. These two programs are extremely unique, and hard to find elsewhere, so we’re really proud to be able to offer them.

Another increasingly popular program is our Electronic Music Production program. So the best part of this new addition is that now, we can use our current smaller recording studio exclusively for EMP studio space. This is a really popular art form, and we would love to see more students refine the gift they have in producing electronic music. So if you know someone who is getting into electronic music production please send them our way. We’re adding rooms to the house, invite people to come over!

Phase Three may be last, but it’s definitely first on our priority list and it will see the transformation of our current band room into a second dance studio! The new 2017-2018 Dance Schedule is now live and enrollment is currently open.

Passion Dance has really been taking off, thanks to our amazing Program Director, Sarah Ruppel Bullis and her staff. We really want to honor the great work that they’ve done and the excellent programs they produce by giving them another studio so they can add some more advanced classes and dance forms.

We’re also going to be welcoming back the very talented Daniel Swanepoel and his wife Caitlin from South Africa. They will be a great addition to our Passion Dance team and we are excited to have some more studio space for them to work in!

Passion Summer Camps Have Begun!

Question: What do you do with your kids in the summer, when there’s no school, it’s 95 degrees out and 95 percent humidity, and you’re not taking regular lessons because of your 6-day trip to Florida, the 4-day long weekend to the Outer Banks, and your mid-week jaunt to Grandma’s house?

Answer: You come to one of Passion Academy’s Summer Camps!

There is still some room left in the following camps, so sign up today by clicking on one of the images below:

Music Camps

Voice Camp (2nd Session)  July 24 – 28
Band Performance Camp  July 31 – August 4
Strings Camp (2nd Session)  August 7 – 11
Drum Camp  August 14 – 18

Dance Camps

Lion King Ballet Performance Camp  July 17 – 21
Jazz and Contemporary Camp  July 24 – 28
Hip Hop Dance Camp  July 31 – August 4
Summer Dance Intensive  August 7 – 11

The Music Parents’ Guide

Did you know that “every child has some degree of musical talent”? Did you know that “hard work trumps ‘natural talent’ every single time”? Did you know that “the majority of students quit an instrument after their first year of playing, not because they do not have music talent, but rather because their music teacher is not very good, or because the student has no idea how to practice, so they don’t make real progress and become frustrated. Or the students’ parents don’t have enough knowledge to support their children through the beginning stages of their musical growth?

These tips, taken from The Music Parents’ Guide by Anthony Mazzochi, and others like it can be extremely helpful if you are the parent of a young musician. We invite you to grab a copy of this at either one of our locations, but more than that, we invite you to start a conversation with your student’s mentor on how you as a parent can help them succeed.

That’s all for now…next month in the Passion Pulse we will give you a very personal and in-depth look at The Story of Passion Academy. Until then, we invite you to follow us, like us and share with us on Facebook and all of our social media channels!