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Music and Arts Remixed

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An unborn baby is aware of the rhythmic heartbeat, the swish of blood moving through the placenta and mom’s voice as she sings a lullaby to the little one growing inside her, all within the second trimester.  It’s never too early to introduce your child to God’s creation through the arts. Teaching biblical truths through music, art and movement will build the groundwork for a solid faith and bright future.

When your little one hears music, millions of neurons activate connectors in the brain, which wire them to understand language and develop skills that will carry into adulthood.  Music will amplify the auditory, attention, memory, emotion, and motor control skills that are elemental to your child’s growing mind. Even more, Children love music and are never too young to be immersed in a language that is appreciated across diversities of people and culture, and ultimately connects them to the heart of God.

Art is another form of creative expression which young children gain knowledge of the world around them… all while applying life skills that will shape them into intelligent individuals who are culturally aware and adaptable to the constant changing environment.  Through art, children sharpen fine motor skills, develop language, become problem solvers, and innovative thinkers who were created to make an eternal impression.  Drawing, painting, gluing, cutting, and sculpting are just some of the ways our little explorers create beautiful works that exemplify and congeal their foundational discoveries.

Your preschooler gets on all fours and pretends to be a roaring lion or transforms her arm into an elephant trunk and stomps around swaying from side to side, exploring the world through creative movement.  She rolls, jumps, hops, and twirls her way to discovering new skills, vocabulary, knowledge and even friendships.  Dance and movement enriches a preschooler’s motor skills, cognitive aptitude, social competence and dexterity… providing her (or him) with the tools she needs to accomplish her God given purpose.

“Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you; toddlers shout about songs…” Psalm 8:2 MSG

Through music and the arts, we can articulate the wonder of God’s masterpiece, teaching children biblical truths that will build a foundation for education and spiritual growth.  Children can explore the word of God through the arts…singing, dancing and creating art that exhibits a deeper understanding of God’s love for them.  Passion Academy provides an outlet for your preschooler to discover God’s amazing creation through art expressions, and develop their social, cognitive and motor skills, all while having fun in a secure environment.

Passion Academy currently runs weekly classes in addition to three unique summer camp opportunities for the little ones:

Creation Explorers (regular weekly classes)

Summer Enrichment Series (week-long summer camps)

Kate Jones - Community Rockstar

Kate Jones – Community Rockstar